Components & Accessories

At The OPS Partnership, via a network of manufacturers with whom we have developed strong business relationships, we can source and supply many spare parts, accessories and components which are difficult to procure.  These can be applied to existing shelving and racking systems where replacement parts are needed or used as add-ons to supplement your system.

Column Guards: to protect the base of the upright (available in a range of profiles).               

Rack End Protectors: help to protect racking bays from accidental damage.

Upright Protectors: made of high density foam and encased either in steel or high-impact plastic outer casings, these are fitted directly to the racking to absorb and diffuse accidental impact.

Sacrificial Leg Kits: where there is a high incidence of damage, these can be fitted to the front of uprights, for quick, simple and inexpensive rack repairs.

Pallet Support Bars: allow undersized pallets to be used within an existing system.

Shelf Panels: simply fit over a beam to create a shelf. Can be either solid steel, steel mesh or timber design.

Garment Hanging Rails: fit into the system to provide clothes storage.

Fork Spacers: allow flat, unpalletised loads to be stored within the system.

Skid Channels: provide storage for stillages within the racking system.

Safety Mesh Cladding: often used where a walkway is near stored pallets.

Signs & Labelling: for bay ends, individual bays or shelf locations.

column-guard.JPG     framespacer.JPG     beam-safety-locks.JPG     Second.png

       Column Guard         Tubular Frame Spacer       Beam Safety Locks            Garment Rails

We can also provide very small parts; just contact us for further details on 01442 244100.