Rack Inspections

The OPS Partnership is an independent one stop total solution for rack inspection, training and maintenance. Our complete service offers customised cost effective solutions to ensure that your installation has a high level of safety to within the HSE guidelines.

The OPS Partnership is completely independent, without affiliation to any one manufacturer. Our auditors are SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors and will work with you to achieve maximum cost effective results.

Health & Safety Guidelines

In general, racking is manufactured from relatively lightweight materials and, as a consequence, there is a limit to the amount of stress that it can withstand. The skill of the lift truck operators has a great bearing on the amount of damage likely to be caused and any damage to racking will reduce its load carrying capacity. The greater the damage, the weaker the rack will be, until it will eventually collapse, even when supporting its normal working load.

To ensure that a racking installation continues to be serviceable and safe, we would recommend that regular planned inspections of the racking be carried out, and The OPS Partnership has the expertise to fulfil this need.

These guidelines are intended for users and managers in retail and wholesale warehouses for enforcing health and safety legislation within them.


We will undertake a comprehensive rack inspection audit to SEMA standards to ensure storage safety. The audit will highlight issues for immediate action if health and safety is at risk.

Spares and repairs

Your independent rack inspection may highlight a need to replace damaged parts or potential improvements to your storage equipment.

Some of these parts may be obsolete or difficult to procure and The OPS Partnership can source these on your behalf. These can be standard items or specials specifically designed for your applications.